Juneteenth Community Recommitment Celebration

Three Locations One Event

Monday, June 19, 2023


Chi Ball Y League Basketball Championship

Watch our youth dominate the court! Come Witness the Annual Chi Ball Y League Championship and elevate your game to new heights. Don't miss out on this thrilling event - sign up now!

Juneteenth Pullman Neighborhood Parade

Don't miss out on the Juneteenth Pullman Neighborhood Parade, celebrating freedom and unity! Join us for a day filled with community spirit. Come together to honor our history and embrace our future. See you there!

Playstreet Block Party

Get ready to experience the ultimate community event! Join us at Playstreet Block Party for a day filled with fun games, delicious food, and live entertainment. Don't miss out on this unforgettable celebration!


Make a difference in your community by becoming a volunteer. Join us and help those in need, while gaining valuable skills and experience. Sign up today and start making an impact!


Ready to take your business to the next level? Become a vendor and reach new customers with ease. Vend at are festival and start growing your business like never before.

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